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space potatoes in the real world

breaking the 4th wall

In the real world we are overwhelmed by the support from our friends, fans and contributers.

This whole process has been a big learning experience for all of us involved. None of us have ever made anything like this before, we don't consider ourselves actors and without the pandemic probably would never have done anything like this.

The project has been funded by people contributing a little here or there (and in some cases a lot), we have enjoyed streaming for you every week in the Spudathons and it has kept us sane in an otherwise insane world.

Below are a list of people involved in episodes 1 & 2. A big thank you to everyone on the list. Episode 3 credits will be added when the episode is released so if you are missing that is why, and if you've been legitimately missed off please send a message. We promise it's an oversight and nothing personal! Working in lockdown slows things down so please be patient.

Some of it was very well planned and scripted, some of it was a happy accident. Trying to remember who did what and what was and wasn't planned is becoming harder to do. We'll post more here as we piece it together.

All stories in 2020 Rendezvous are fictional even if they are recognisable in reality. No potatoes were harmed during the making of this series. We hope the bands we've celebrated enjoy our parody take on what they created as much as we enjoy their music, hopefully imitation is the best form of flattery.

Anyway, on to the credits!

2020 Rendezvous

Written and conceived by

Space Potatoes


David Domminney Fowler

Chris Barnes

Ricky Howard

Plus improvisations from the cast


Sean Riley


Kieran Payne


J Anon

Stephan Cul-De-Sac

Jan Jensen

Richard D’Vreux

Richard Finch-Turner

Trevor Jenkinson

Trevor Gilligan

Space Potatoes tour manager

Chris Gadd

Space Potatoes video & lighting tech 

Darren Hatherley

Celebate Records Boss

George Ibbetson

Lockdown live drums

Mat Hector

Phil Booney

Paul Bonney

The McBroom Sisters

Lorelei McBroom

Durga McBroom

Guitar Tech

Kevin Smith

Social influencer

John Meaney

Fan club head

Charlie Wray

Ex Space Potatoes bass player

Nick Mahoney

Other bass players

Mike Barnes

Joel Taylor

Paulo Rodrigues

Natasha Heard

Latifah Lolade Stewart

Directed and edited by

David Domminney Fowler

Music by

David Domminney Fowler

Chris Barnes

Except “Tears Will Fall” by

Ricky Howard


Sean Riley

David Domminney Fowler

Plus self filmed footage from the cast

Other archive footage

Ronnie Kelly

Simon Bigg

Production consultant

Sean Riley


Chris Barnes

Will Shaw

Rob Shoard


David Domminney Fowler

Nick Mahoney

Andres Luengo

Dean Howard Band

Dean Howard

David Domminney Fowler

Andres Luengo

Russell Kennedy

Graham Coxon reconstruction

Jamie Wilkinson

Mr Jenkinson video

Rebecca Goodwill

Gage Dampier-Jones

Executive producers

John Peavoy

Wolfgang Knaus

Debra Wills

Graham Padden

Anne Blair

Helen Longhurst

Gerrit Vander Hoop

Jason Green

Jerome Buote

Laurie W Martinez

Marguerite Montysko

Michael Penninger

Neil Luckett

Bozena Stypczynska

Andrew Newman

Ben Haddon

Craig Barnes

Eddie Criglington

Evelyn Anderson

Gillian Peet

Jane Rettie-Wakefield

Jenna Barnes

Kevin Smith

Leisa Clemente

Peter Martin

Rebecca Goodwill

Tim Luck

Sharon Whitley

Aileen Mcgurk

Alan V Reeves

Sammie Lee

Kevin Sandover

Laura Harding

Paul Burley

Philip Bedford

Alan Mathis

Amanda Lawrence

Lara Smiles

Amy Cox

Andrew Fenton

Antony Leary

Chris Cook

Debra Wills

Dominic Caplan

Gary Douglass

Gillian Howard

Isabelle Eidet

Jackie Luck

Kelly Tibble

John Chappell

Keri Wall

Kevin Graham

Lena Zimmermann

Lyn Fowler

Lynne Wilson

Matthew Miller

Michael Crookes

Pete Johns

Philip Moriarty

Remy Savigar

Sarah Hadley

Sarah Lewis

Andrew Burns

Christine Lalanne

Rob Cherry

Robert Mitchell

David Seale

Special thanks to

Emily Lynn

Gage Dampier-Jones

Rebecca Goodwill

Trevor Gilligan

Noel Phillips

Neil Luckett

Andres Luengo

Nick Mahoney

Jenna Barnes

John Peavoy

Wolfgang Knaus

Debra Wills

Graham Padden

Dave Kerzner

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