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2020 Rendezvous Series 1

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At the start of 2020 the live entertainment industry shut down due to the pandemic, a lot of people from all industries lost their livelihoods.

It’s been a rollercoaster year, we’ve all struggled to adapt best we can, and we live in hope that shows booked in the future can go ahead. In the meantime we are trying something else. One night in October 2020 an idea struck Dave and after ringing Chris, Sean and Ricky Space Potatoes were born.

To cut a long story short, this plan got a lot bigger, and now we have a comedy / drama miniseries. Welcome to the world of Space Potatoes.

episode #1

This comedy / drama mini-series is called 2020 Rendezvous, and it’s a fictional documentary film about a dysfunctional but harmless britpop nostalgia band, formed in 2005, that find themselves off the road due to the pandemic.

They had a few top 40 singles with songs like Monday Monday, Staying In and Late For The Bus, but it’s wasn’t until 2010 that they broke through with their #1 single, 2020 Rendezvous.

2020 Rendezvous was a song full of hope, looking forward to a time of eternal partying all within the utopian restriction less EU. It described a world full of love for different people and cultures. Unfortunately Space Potatoes’ career went downhill from there; they never had another hit single, fell out with their original management, and played to ever decreasing audiences.

All they had to do was hang on for 2020 and cash in on their 2010 hit once more.

episode #2

The shows were announced in 2019 and they sold out faster than a pack of toilet paper in a pandemic. Space Potatoes were back! The 2020 Rendezvous tour was going to be huge. In March 2020 Space Potatoes embarked on a 120 date world tour with 30 crew, 3 tour busses and 4 trucks of equipment.

Then 4 days later, only 3 shows in, they found themselves calling an uber from a motorway services on the A20 into London after their dates were postponed due to a virus that nobody really knew much about. Some said it was a flu, some said it was worse, some said it was a hoax. Oh and Nick the bass player finally had enough and left the band.

Meet the crew that have found themselves without jobs, talented people that now stack shelves, burn through savings and get very little help from the government. Watch the band attempt to continue entertaining in what people dub the new normal. Witness them fall apart as their pampered narcissistic world collapses.

episode #3

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