space potatoes

space potatoes

2020 Rendezvous main band and crew

dave curly fries domminney

guitar, vocals, keyboards

Dave is a founder member of Space Potatoes. As the main writer, director, producer, singer, musician, animator, editor, engineer, podcaster, programmer, technician, consultant, caterer and runner for the company, he is hard to replace.

chris chip barnes


Chris is the second-to-join founder member of Space Potatoes. He sings, writes, plays guitar and keyboards. Because he was there at the start and wrote their only #1 hit he is also hard to replace, despite the lawsuits. Chris lives up north, is a vegan and has more children than he has guitars.

ricky ginger spud howard


Ricky has been in the band since day one as drummer and until 2020 had never played on an album, recieved a royalty or had shares in the band he named. But he's been happy as long as he had a gig, his train set and could afford a daily kebab. Unfortunately due to the pandemic he's had to sell his trains and can only now afford 3 kebabs per week. He wants you to know he loves bumholes.

sean riley


Sean is best known for his work on YouTube channels computerphile, the racket and pots & trowels. He also produced the videos for the Ladbaby UK Christmas #1 videos 3 years in a row. He was commissioned to make a documentary about Space Potatoes' 2020 Rendezvous tour. Unfortunately after 3 shows it was postponed then cancelled due to the pandemic. He used the oppotunity to document the lows and lowers of a band off the road.

kieran payne


Kieran took over the management of Space Potatoes in 2011 after their previous management MCAM forgot to pay 5 years of VAT leaving the band almost bankrupt. He's known for his patience, size and his metaphors.

trevor jenkinson

front of house sound 2010 - 2020 / label representative 2020 - present

Trevor has toured with Space Potatoes as front of house sound engineer since their big hit in 2010. When he's not locked in his room you can find him at a hotel bar having a nap with a glass of wine. He is very very clean and allegedly has bag of tricks that he likes to use when alone. When George from Celebate records caught COVID-19, Trevor took over his job and became their 'boss'.

j anon

dave's therapist

J Anon is Dave's therapist and can't be identified for professional reasons.

chris gadd

tour manager

Chris Gadd has worked for Space Potatoes for 13 years. The first 7 years of his carb packed career were spent holding ladders for bigger men, often standing in as the first rung in countries where they don't require a first rung by law. After some years he managed to grow a beard and looked old enough to take over the day to day tour management. When he's not out touring he spends his days trying to finish the Grimsby level on the milf finder app.

darren hatherley

lighting and video crew

Darren is a loyal member of Space Potatoes' crew. He joined in 2013 rigging lights and video screens and has been at every show since, even on his nights off. Being northern he thrives on the cold and the rain so he lives in Scotland now.

kevin smith

guitar tech 2008 - 2020

Kevin was Dave's guitar tech until he left Space Potatoes' crew mid 2020 to take a job as a warehouse assistant at his local Tescos. Every little helps.

mat hector

dave's friend and session drummer

Mat kindly agreed to appear on Space Potatoes’ lockdown live stream, Monday Monday. When he's not at home avoiding a deadly lung virus he tours with Iggy Pop and Razorlight.

charlie wray

fan club & merch

Charlie has been running Drowned In Starch - The Official Space Potatoes Fan Club for 5 years now. Her jobs include selling t-shirts to fans and sending bodily fluids through the post.

lorelei mcbroom

dave's friend and prog artist

Dave saw Lorelei sing with the Rolling Stones at Wembley Stadium at only 10 years old. Their paths crossed in 2010 at a festival and became instant friends. Dave remotely co-produced and mixed the album 'Black Floyd' by the McBroom sisters at the start of lockdown cementing their personal and professional friendship.

richard d'vreux

kierans's friend and wannabe spud bassist

Richard is a huge fan of Space Potatoes, ballet and Ella Fitzgerald. At boarding school he was a prefect, majoring in latin and classical music. He was one of many hopefuls who submitted a video to become the next Space Potato.


youtuber and influencer

Diickmaate has millions of followers on YouTube but no musical ability making him the perfect person to run a channel dedicated to reviewing music. We've all had to listen to a diickmaate and no doubt we will again. His shows are brought to you by Rumbelows.

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